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Shubhabrata Das
B.Sc ( Eco, Maths, Stats)
M.C.A. ( Kalyani Govt. Engg. College - WBUT )
NSE Certified Market Professional (level-2 - Mumbai)
Technical Analyst (NCFM Qualified)

Namaskar ( Hello to all ),

                                Myself Shubhabrata Das. Welcome to my personal website www.sharebazarguide.com . I am a National Stock Exchange certified Market Professional (level-2 ) and also a technical analyst. In the year 2006, when I was in the fourth semester of MCA course in Kalyani Government Engineering College, I felt deep interest about stock market movements and started investing as a novice trader. Time passed by ,I felt more and more interest about it . So when in 2007, my MCA course completed, I decided not to enter in software industry but to enter in stock market world and took it as my main profession.

             At 2014 almost 7 (seven) years have been passed . I have experienced a lot of ups and downs in stock market which gradually improved my skill and knowledge. With an intension to share my hard earned knowledge with all interested persons I have developed this website and ready to give a few services which will enrich your knowledge about stock market so that you make more profit and minimize risk of losses.

             Hope my initiative will be fruitful with all of your valued suggestion and participation.

I wish you all the best for successful investing.

Thanking you.

"Why People Make Loss In Stock Market? "

Many people fear from Share Market’s name and they always tells that whenever we enter in the market we face losses, but they never try to understand what the reason behind their losses was.

Below mentioned are some reasons why people lose money in share market are as follows:-

  • Most businessman are willing to work hard to develop their business, happy to get whatever returns the business provides. Yet, when the same people enter the stock market, suddenly there are great expectations of abnormal, extra-ordinary returns from stocks. Thinking of becoming rich in a single day they make investment into gambling.

  • People purchase/Sold shares without any knowledge whether that particular share price will increase or decrease in future. Sometimes they even don’t know when to buy, when to sell and how much to buy/sell.

  • They never book small profits so that they lose their hard-earned money.

  • They never follow strict stop loss in market so that they suffered huge losses.

  • If they make money from market from first two days then they take more risk in third & fourth day and after that they suffer huge losses.

  • Repeatedly they buy and sell shares is also reason behind the loss in market. If they make money in short time (when market opens) instead of stop trading, they try to make more money, which is always not good.

  • Many time without any proper trading plan, they take loss making intra-day position into delivery and thus ultimately convert the small loss to a big loss in majority cases.

  • Averaging in down trending market is another common reason.

  • They take stock market investing more casually and don’t willing to study about market seriously . Lack of knowledge is one of the main reason to make loss. etc…

There are so many reasons when people lose their money in share market.

Share market is not as bad as people think . Share Market does not give an opportunity to earn money all the time. You have to keep patience for right time. You should do limited trading and your target should be maximize profit and minimize risk of losses. If you follow this rule you can also become successful trader.

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